Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is, in its most ideal and humanitarian definition, a built-in and self-regulating mechanism that ensures active compliance with the spirit of law, ethical standards, and international norms and works for a positive impact on the environment and the stakeholders, including consumers, employees and communities affected by the activities of the business.

If a business venture cannot make a tangible positive impact through direct actions, it can support or sponsor social initiatives that benefit the stakeholders, the environment and/or the whole world. 'CSR Fund' denotes a fund, generally a percentage of the turnover, set aside by corporate bodies to meet their social responsibility needs. Classic Fashion engages both in direct action and in supporting others working for similar objectives.

Heritage Protection - for the future generations

Jordan is a country with a rich historic, cultural, religious, architectural and natural heritage. There are many heritage sites that need to be protected vigilantly and a lot of restoration work is needed in many of them. The Government is making great effort in this direction, but, much more work is needed. This is an area where CSR funds can be utilised for the benefit of the whole of humanity and future generations to come.

Protection and promotion of the heritage wealth of Jordan is one of the causes for which CSR fund is allocated by Classic Fashion. A documentary film has been made on Petra, the symbol and most popular tourist site of Jordan, with the technical association of Heritage India Foundation, and it is being distributed worldwide through social sites and other means.

Education - for life-long self-support

Education is the only means by which an individual can be made self-supporting for all his life. All other supports like short-term financial help or long-term rehabilitative help will not make the individuals become responsible citizens and self-sufficient members of the human family. So, giving financial support for the formal education of children has always been one of the constant CSR activities of the Company.
Classic Fashion has been helping several organizations engaged in giving quality education to children in schools and youth in institutions of higher studies. Several engineering students are getting educational assistance from the Company. Educational and other needs of thirty students are being paid monthly through Santhakumari Foundation to 'Al Zahra Donation Association', which, under the administration of the Queen of Jordan, looks after and educates children who are in needy circumstances.

Culture - Manifestations of intellectual achievements

Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively or the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. It is something that has evolved over centuries of human activity and must be studied and promoted for the continued evolution of the human society into a better and higher state of being.

Classic Fashion promotes cultural events spending generously from its CSR funds. It has been supporting the annual IKKF Utsavam, 'International Koodiyattam and Kathakali Festival', in Dubai, the only annual event that exclusively showcases the traditional and highly-structured classical performing arts of Kerala.

Health - Greatest asset of a nation

Smoking is the chief, avoidable cause of death in Jordan and is now regarded as the most important public health hazard. Cardiovascular diseases cause about 42% of all deaths and cancer is responsible for 13%. Smoking is the main factor contributing to these deaths. In 2000, out of 223 lung cancer cases, 185 were smokers. Jordan's Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) conducted in 1999 showed that 19.3 % of students between the ages of 13 and 15 (25% of male students and 14.5 % of female students) were smokers. Besides, 30% of Jordanian men aged 18 or more are smokers compared with 26% of the USA men.

Classic Fashion has been promoting an antismoking campaign through films, in association with, an internet campaigner against smoking and other unhealthy habits. The Company is supporting the work of spreading the message of quitting the smoking habit through films and through other awareness programs, inside the factory and outside in the community. A countrywide program of antismoking awareness campaign is on the anvil.

Community - The stakeholders of all development

The communities affected by the activities of a company and the communities located around the company have a just claim on the profits made by the Company. Corporate Social Responsibility makes the company duty-bound in helping such communities. The members of the communities around the Company must feel that they have some benefits because of the proximity to the Company

Classic Fashion has made several initiatives for helping the members of the rural communities around its premises through classes and training programmes. Over 2000 women from the surrounding rural areas, who are reluctant to come to the industrial area to work in the main factories, have been given training and recruited to work in four satellite units of the Company, started specifically for the unemployed women of rural areas far from the main factory.

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