Standards and Recognitions

In August 2006, CLASSIC FASHION was included among the Golden List established by the Ministry of Labor of the Kingdom of Jordan in consideration for complying with international / local social & ethical compliance requirements. The Company is also a participant in ‘ILO-IFC Better Work Programme’ for the welfare of the employees.

Being a member of ILO - IFC Better Work Programme, Better Work Jordan monitors & certifies Classic Fashion for compliance of all International Social & Ethical Standards.

This monitoring scheme of Better Works Jordan certifies Classic Fashion for producing Garments to major Retailers & Brands like Under Armour, Wal-Mart, Hanes Brands Inc, One Jeanswear Group, Lands End, to name a few.

CLASSIC FASHION is at present the number one garment exporter in Jordan both in volume and dollar value of garment exports and has contributed 26.5% of country's garment export for the year 2017. The Company is also the biggest in Jordan in the number of people employed.

Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd.