Rebuilding Life - Jakia Sultana

A woman in her twenties, who has been deserted by her husband and who has to look after her child and her own parents, braves the waves of all adversities and takes a plunge into the challenging life of a migrant labourer in a distant land and comes out victorious with sheer will power and persevering hard work.

Jakia Sultana, aged 25, from Bangladesh, working in a garment factory in Jordan, is the real-life character in this docu-drama style cinematic narration. She was recruited as a worker and is now a Quality Control Supervisor in Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd. Co. through hard work, studiousness and efficiency. Through her life and growth, we also get an enlightening insight into the fast improving work environment and increasing labour welfare measures in the garment-manufacturingsector in Jordan.

The accent is on economic empowerment as the greatest tool of emancipation and equality for women, especially in the developing countries where women are economically subservient to men, even when they toil dawn to dusk. Thus this story becomes the story of women empowerment in real life circumstances.

The film was made by Heritage India Foundation as the off-shoot of a study on migrant labour conductedby them.

Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd.