Our Employees

There are over 24, 000 employees in Classic Fashion. The workers are mostly from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Jordan. The workforce is satisfied with the remuneration, the accommodation and the food and other facilities that they get here, including health care, entertainment facilities, social security measures, etc.

Compensation and benefits

The minimum compensation required by local law, including mandated wages, overtime allowances, additional legally dictated benefits and payments according to the terms of their employment are paid to the workers and other employees of Classic Fashion without any delay in payment.

Hours of work

Classic Fashion ensures that the hours worked each day and the days worked each week do not exceed the legal maximum. One day off is allowed in every seven-day period, except as required to meet urgent business needs, in which case additional compensation is paid for the extra work.

No forced labor

As Classic Fashion gives more importance to basic human rights, it never extracts any forced or involuntary labor -- indentured, bonded or otherwise -- from the workers. It prohibits all relevant personnel from coercing employees in any way or unnecessarily limiting the freedom of movement enjoyed by the employees.

No child labor

As a policy Classic Fashion believes in compulsory education for Children and that today's children carry the key to tomorrow's future. Therefore, no child labor is allowed in any unit or at any stage of production. No person under the legally employable age is hired for any work.

Freedom from harassment and abuse

Neither any form of harassment or abuse, be it physical, sexual, psychological or verbal, nor any threat of violence or corporal punishment is used against the workers or other staff, as Classic Fashion believes that allowing them to have self-respect will produce respect in return and will promote a better work-atmosphere which will enhance the output of the workers.

No discrimination

Classic Fashion employs, pays, promotes and/or terminates workers purely on the basis of their ability and efficiency in the discharge of their duties. No discrimination is made on the basis of their personal characteristics which are irrelevant to the execution of their job or their personal beliefs. No distinction or discrimination is ever made or allowed on the basis of age, gender, nationality, political opinions, race, caste, creed, social status etc.

Health and safety

A safe and healthy workplace with adequate First Aid Kits, clinics with doctors and nurses, is provided for the employees in Classic Fashion. This work environment is provided with all the necessities implemented according to applicable laws and regulations. Sufficient lighting and ventilation, easy access to purified drinking water and sanitation facilities, fire safety, automated tripping system to prevent electric shock etc. are provided.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Classic Fashion recognizes and respects the right of its employees, whether permanent or temporary, from the highest paid to the lowest paid, to exercise their lawful rights of free association and collective bargaining. No discrimination, in any form, is made between those who join associations and/or engage in collective bargaining and those who do not. No special benefits are given to those who stay away from such activities.

Food and accommodation

There are separate hostels for men and women workers close to the factories. The rooms are spacious and tidy and there are sufficient bathrooms facilities. Place is provided for washing and drying clothes. There is running water and electricity in all the hostel buildings. Male security guards are posted outside the hostel to make the inmates feel safe and secure.

Social security

The Social Security set up is managed by the Social Security Corporation under Jordan Ministry of Labor that gives employees insurance coverage in all unforeseen mishaps, including old age, disability, death, injuries, unemployment and in maternity needs. The contribution by the employee is 6.75% and the contribution of the Company is 12.75

Entertainment facilities

The employees have several entertainment facilities to be engaged in when they are not working. They can watch TV programmes or videos. There is a theatre hall with a stage to perform dramas, dances or musical items. There are also facilities for outdoor and indoor games. During holidays and days related with festivals, cultural programmes are arranged and the employees get a chance to present their aesthetic talents before the other employees and the management.

Other welfare measures

Employees get help to solve the problems related with their work or with their relationships with others, using experts for counselling in serious cases. The workers with little or no education are given education in literacy, skill enhancement, enhancement of earning power and other aspects of women empowerment and gender equality. The employees are also given training in using banking facilities and making money transactions.


The Company complies with all the laws related to labor welfare as stipulated by the Government, the International Labour Organization(ILO), other recognized labor welfare organizations and the clients. The Company also complies with the customs laws and security regulations in place, as updated by the authorities.

Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd.